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Adaro helps schools near its South Kalimantan operations to improve their management practices.

Adaro Ignites Education programs focus on educational development and enhancement of human resources by integrating knowledge, skills and character education. Among its key programs in 2021 are mentoring for early education, scholarships, and Islamic boarding schools.
Mentoring for early education was given to 63 early education schools or locally called “PAUD”, situated in the Adaro Group’s operational locations, i.e. the regencies of Tabalong, Balangan, Barito Kuala, Banjar, Banjarmasin, and Murung Raya, in the last three years. By applying the character-based holistic education concept, the schools have been mentored to integrate nine pillars of character through the learning process that develop all aspects of children development which are considered to have good potentials.
Meanwhile, through the Indonesia Bright Future Leaders scholarship program, the Adaro Group grants scholarships to the best students from the group’s operational locations to support them to get higher level education. In 2021, the scholarships were granted to 229 students of the University of Lambung Mangkurat in Banjarmasin, 32 students of the Bogor Agricultural University, and 14 students of UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta.
Islamic boarding schools play important roles in education in Indonesia, particularly for the rural communities. While the main focus is religious education, modern Islamic boarding schools also prepare students with economic and technological skills, to enable them to live well within the society. Therefore, mentoring for the five boarding schools in four regencies of the operational locations was perceived necessary, which then developed into a program called Adaro Santri Sejahtera or Adaro Prosperous Santri (Santri is the students of Islamic boarding schools).

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